P.Samios – Painting apology

The experiences you gain, the things you see, the things you like and the things you let go – all these change every so often, and you change along with them.

This is imprinted on the canvas as well. But the backbone remains. Roughly the same colours and a strict connective drawing. The hand behind the paintbrush is always the same. Only the feeling driving it alters.

To a greater or lesser extent, the paintings are meant for certain people: those who inspire our dreams. There aren’t too many of them. If these few should become thousands, so much the better.

Because then art becomes debate, it becomes communication…


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Atelier: Remoundou 17 10446 Athens
Phone : 210 88 46 047
Mobile : 6972 42 65 20
Email: pavlos@samiospavlos.gr

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